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ok so now i’ve played all the temples and i just have ganon’s castle left. and like i guess i could review all the dungeons after i finish the game, instead i’m gonna only review the temples but do it now while most of them are somewhat fresh in my mind.

  • forest temple: this one peeved me, but mostly because I didn’t get it not because it was a bad dungeon. room overlap/reuse is really common in zelda dungeons, but i felt that in this one it wasn’t terribly clear which areas i could and couldn’t access at certain points. generally an okay dungeon
  • fire temple: i quite liked this one. it was more or less linear in terms of what you do, but not linear in design so it stayed interesting. having the gorons be in cells with small keys every time was amazing because it made everything predictable but still a challenge.
  • water temple: i was prepared for the worst, but it was actually…not bad? honestly i kinda liked this one because i just got it. i think the frustration must stem from the boot equip mechanic from the n64 version, but that’s not the case in the 3ds version. other than that, i didn’t actually find it that annoying to keep changing the water levels because every time you did, there was something to do at each step. i was tripped up by one puzzle that required the longshot, but i didn’t know that, and i had the hookshot which is functionally similar but doesn’t have the reach. getting an item upgrade like that is kinda weird and i wasn’t expecting it.
  • shadow temple: by far the fucking most hellacious pit of despair known to humankind. the schitck is tricking you, but they give you a bullshit lens that lets you see the tricks. HOWEVER there are still bottomless pits fucking everywhere AND all of the rooms are really big, so when you inevitably fall into one of these pits, it takes you back to the beginning of the room which is often quite far away. and that boat ride is SO. FUCKING. BORING. honestly this whole dungeon was well designed in theme, but i hated it because i didn’t like the mechanics of the theme.
  • spirit temple: i really liked this one. again, more or less linear in playthrough, but really enjoyable. it was well-designed to see the room layouts mirrored between the child and adult parts of the dungeon. the pre-boss was WAY harder than the boss though. like, i found that boss fight absurdly easy because it’s (1) extremely obvious what the key to the fight is and (2) not difficult to pull off reliably. which, i guess you don’t want it to be frustrating to pull off (COUGH COUGH MORPHA COUGH FUCK THE HOOKSHOT AS AN OFFENSIVE WEAPON), but it could’ve been a more dangerous boss fight. still, really solid dungeon.

i’m planning on writing about a bunch of general aspects of ocarina of time once i completely finish. the long and short of it is going to be that there are a LOT of frustrating aspects, but the story is mind-blowingly phenomenal



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abt .3 seconds after I got this some serious shit went down


Last Night in Ferguson (10.21.14): A state senator was arrested (and mama may have been legally packing), one of the lead organizers, nettaaaaaaaa, was roughed up by police, and one of the main sources of footage/live feeds, Rebel Z, was detained in what seems to have been an intimidation and straight up harassment tactic. The police are out of control, and it’s only getting worse. If you think this is over, you need to look again. #staywoke #farfromover

Ferguson is still happening. Are you still paying attention?

Tune into Z’s UStream tonight to watch developments live. 

I think "____ game strong" is AAVE, so don't appropriate it




Oh it is? Okay apologies I’ll go edit them

Here’s the problem with this. AAVE is not this completely separate dialect and culture that does not overlap at all with Standard* American English and mainstream American culture. Words, phrases, and styles developed by black American speakers filter and diffuse into the mainstream dialect. If white people weren’t allowed to use AAVE, we’d also have to get rid of words like “cool” and “rock’n’roll”. Do some white people use AAVE to mock and insult black people? Of course, and they’re racist scumfucks and need to be called out when they do it. But to genuinely adopt phrases used by black speakers because you find them useful and enjoyable in your speaking, is not racist or “appropriation.” And furthermore, for the vast majority of words and phrases, this happened naturally, without anyone consciously thinking to themselves “this is AAVE”. They just learned a new word or phrase, found it useful or cool, and started using it. When “hella” spread around the American dialect, very few people consciously thought “Bay Area young people invented this”, They just heard it and started using it, because that’s how language evolves.

Alright here’s the deal. Using bits and pieces of AAVE isn’t cultural appropriation. It just isn’t. First of all, AAVE speakers regularly come into contact with non-AAVE speakers and AAVE leaks its way into mainstream English use. To imply that they don’t is ridiculous. That’s the first problem here.

The second problem here is that “appropriation” is used entirely wrongly and entirely too often on this site. Cultural appropriation should only be used to refer to when one group (usually white people) CLAIMS the creation of another group as its own. That’s it. If it doesn’t fit that definition, it isn’t appropriation. And here’s why!

The third problem, and the reason people need to stop fucking using “appropriation” as a term so loosely on this site is because it allows us to ignore instances of racism by calling them something else- a more technical, academic seeming term. So

  • If you use another culture’s speaking pattern as a joke, that isn’t cultural appropriation. That’s being a racist. You’re literally making a joke about how other people talk. That’s racism. Not appropriation. RACISM. We have a word for that already.
  • If you use another culture’s sacred symbology or something like that, it isn’t appropriation. It’s being clueless at best and thoughtless/insensitive at worst. It isn’t appropriation. The basic problem there is not theft of another culture’s items: the basic problem is not participating in a culture on that culture’s terms.
  • If you use another culture as a prop or a joke, that isn’t appropriation. It’s racism. You’re pointing at a group and laughing. That’s just racism. Let’s not call it something else. Miley Cyrus isn’t appropriating black culture. She’s making fun of it. That’s racism. Easy.
  • If you use another culture’s symbology inaccurately, again that isn’t appropriation. It’s being thoughtless and inconsiderate but it isn’t appropriation.
  • If it isn’t one group claiming it created something it isn’t, then it isn’t appropriation.

There are several problems with insisting that white people participating in AAVE even in small portions is appropriation. 1- it lets white people off the hook for instances of actual racism by calling it something else, something which seems less intentional than it really is. 2- it assumes that white people already have a frame of reference for everything and should never have to refer to other cultures for ideas/concepts. That second idea is fucked up because:

  1. It assumes that white/mainstream/Western culture understands everything already. That’s literally just colonialism wrapped up in a nice liberal package people can use to pat themselves on the back.
  2. It ignores the fact that white culture (using that loosely, but I’m sure most people understand what I mean by this) actually doesn’t have a way to express everything. For example, “—— game strong” says more than just “you —— look[s] good.” There is no approximation in standard English. Standard English is not a perfect, all-encompassing language.

TLDR: use of AAVE in bits and pieces is not appropriation, and outside of tumblr I know very few black people who actually consider it to be appropriation. If you use it poorly, you’re just misinformed and will probably be laughed at. If you mock it, you’re just a racist. Stop calling every single instance of two cultures interacting “appropriation” because it allows us to ignore the fact that many times when people on here use it, we are referring to instances of racism and letting the racism itself go unaddressed by not calling it what it is. I only know a few black people ON tumblr who consider use of AAVE phrases to be appropriative or racist, and quite frankly I think that view 1- is simplistic and makes no sense and 2- would be laughed off by most black people who hadn’t been steeped in that narrative.



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Was wondering how you play the 5e without all the core books? The Player's guide and Monster Manual is out, but what about the Dungeon Master's guide? That's not coming out till early December


I’m not entirely sure myself, I haven’t looked at 5e at all.

if you’re really interested, the free basic dungeon master’s guide IS out. the incompleteness is definitely noticeable, but the information in it is still pretty helpful. and if you’re starting with a published adventure like the lost mines of phandelver, that book comes with DMing guidelines that can be easily generalized until that core book comes out!






whenever anyone says ‘mikasa’ i immediately think ‘es su casa’

that game being mean to me made me think of evil 2048, where the tile generation is purposefully suited to be mean.

it’s way harder




the meanest and most bizarre game I’ve ever played. the tile generation fucked me over in almost every way possible.

the first one here was after a major recovery that was something like 512 1024 512 and I built the top right 512 to 2048 while largely ignoring the top row.

The reason the water temple was so hard is because the iron boots used to not be an equip item. Instead, you had to go to the start screen and select them, the same way you would choose between the swords, shields, and tunics. After the complaints, the Wind Waker was the first game to use them as an equip item.

oh…..oh dear god

i didn’t know this……oh wow

yeah no i’m playing the 3ds remake and they’re an item like the hookshot so i press Y and put them on and Y again to take them off

oh…..that makes it way more annoying for sure